D90H (p90) P90 With Accessories and Target


$ 99.99 


WELL D90H (p90) With Accessories and Target
Fully loaded, full auto sub-machine airsoft gun with selector switch for automatic or safety.
Comes equipped with detachable electronic red cross-hair scope and tactical flashlight.
The new P90 Airsoft Gun has an amazing 450 BB capacity magazine.


•1:1 Full Size Scale
•Magazine Capacity: 450 BBs
•Velocity: Approx. 220+ FPS
•Caliber: 6mm BBs
•Power Type: Automatic Electric Gun
•Integrated R.I.S.
•Hopper Magazine
•Screw on Barrel Extension
•Electric Scope (Batteries Included)
•Tactical Flashlight (Batteries Included)
•6mm Bullet Pack
•Protective Eyewear
•Barrel Cleaner/Unclogger
•Rechargeable Battery And Charger