Warranty & Condition of Use Policy

Here at Airsoft Tulsa, we stand behind our products and it is why we proudly represent many of your favorite manufactures in the USA and why we have been in airsoft business for over 10 years. Each brand or manufacture carries different factory warranty. For details about our warranty and return policy, please call us at 5395250883.


Safety Policies

This is the most important policy we have. Please obey the law, use common sense and help us keep Airsoft fun and great for the entire Airsoft Nation!

  • Play safe, play responsible and play respectable.
  • Eye protections must be worn at ALL time by shooter and all surrounding personnel when operating an Airsoft gun.
  • Brandishing and Airsoft gun in public is illegal. Airsoft guns should never be taken out to the public or school.
  • Prior to Airsofting in your private backyard or other privately owned properties, be sure to notify any surrounding neighbors that they are Airsoft.
  • Proper safety training, education and parenting is required prior to lending your Airsoft product to a minor
      .  please be serious about your purchase. If your items are damaged in shipping or do not work for any other reason, please contact us for further instructions.


By Purchasing our Online Products, You have AGREED to Our Purchase and Warrenty Agreement Below.

If you would like to print this form it can be found here.