Used (Sold as is) AK Mid Cap Magazines Box Set


$ 30.00 



Bone Yard items are:

-Products not meeting our standard for shipping.
-Discontinued or defective items.
-Showroom display models.

(Disclaimer: Our walk-in store displays are brand new / not for sale unless we otherwise specifies to be a boneyard item. All rights reserved.)
-Items damaged during shipping / shelving / returned.
-Samples without packaging or missing parts.

*Bone Yard Items are available on a first come first serve basis.
They are available on a first come first serve basis.
We try to put them up at random times so everyone has a shot on them.

Why would you want to buy a bone yard item:

- You need spare parts for your current AEG.
- You need it for a movie prop / display purpose.
(Buying it for it's nature of being 1:1 scale).
- You are an Airsoft tech and understand the value of each airsoft part down to the screw.
- For custom guns, or to be self repaired.
- Sometimes the extra magazine or spare batteries that might come with your bone yard gun that'll work on your current gun is worth the price.


Due to way below cost pricing.
Bone yard items are sold as is and all sales are final.
There will be no warranty or guarantee on bone yard items.
FAQ: Whats wrong with them?
A: Bone yard items are guns we don't have time to "check for problem", the ones we "check" will be fixed and sold on ebay as used for much higher price.

Image in picture closely represents actual product. The product that you receive may not be the one in the picture posted, but very similar.