Umarex G36cv Electric Blowback Tan


$ 349.99 



Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: G36CV
Muzzle Velocity: 340-350FPS
Magazine Capacity: 470 rounds
Color: Dark Earth

Package Includes:



Never-before-released color
KV Stock Realistic feel and weight
Strong polymer construction
(This rifle does not come with replica EOTECH sight.)

Umarex has taken their famous G36C and made it even better!

This high quality airsoft replica of H&K's famous G36 is as close as you can get to the real thing.

The polymer used to create the exterior is superb, an identical aesthetic match to H&K's design.

H&K's logos can be found all over this gun, a symbol of authenticity and realism.

The barrel and charging handle are constructed of metal, just like the real thing.

When fired the dust cover moves back and forth to imitate the moving action on the real gun to chamber the next round.

This gun even disassembles like the real H&K G36.

Simply remove the body pins and within a matter of 30 seconds you can have the entire gun taken apart.

This new model now comes in dark earth, a color never before available on the Umarex G36, and now features a KV stock, which is essentially a side-folding crane stock that has been slimmed down to the dimensions of a standard G36 stock.

Internally Umarex has held nothing back, the gearbox and components are the best that they've built, H&K would accept nothing less of their airgun replicas.

The trigger assembly is an actual switch, as opposed to the traditional contact design.

This give the trigger pull a consistent feel and keeps the gearbox in better shape.

The entire gearbox assembly is made of metal and features Umarex's quick change spring design.

The FPS on this gun can be changed in a matter of seconds by swapping the spring.

Included with this fantastic AEG is a high capacity magazine capable of holding over 400 rounds.

If you love H&K designs and airsoft then this is the perfect solution to your addiction, get your fix!