SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun


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•Manufacturer: A&K
•Muzzle Velocity: 380-390 FPS
•Magazine Capacity: 60 rounds


Package Includes:


(Please Note: Product Does NOT Include Scope or Scope Mount.)


The A&K replica Wood SVD Sniper Rifle is a great quality spring action sniper.
The upper receiver is metal, the lower receiver is a sturdy polymer, and the handguard and stock are a fake wood that gives it a great look.
The charging handle that powers the gun is made of metal and is smooth and easy to pull.
Since there is no gearbox or anything in the gun it's extremely light.


You don't have to worry about running out of ammo because A&K has included a 60 round magazine.
With 400 FPS you can sit back from far away and choose your targets one by one.