M4 Tactical Grip


$ 29.99 

Length(Retracted): 108.5 x 37.6 x 67.6mm
Weight: 70g
Main material: Nylon & Fiber(PA66+GF
M4 MTS(Module Tactical System) Tactical Grip is made from industrial grade plastic material with fiber.
The shape and detail texture incorporate ICS Module Tactical System.
The shape is beautiful and the entity is durable, wear-resisting and unlikely to break.
It can fit in different operation condition.



The Ergonomic and non-slip design let players’ palm grip totally.
Players’ palm are unlikely to slip because of violent movement or wet.
Players can keep comfortable feeling for long operation to handle the instant response modern combat.
Module Tactical System is developed by ICS for the demand for modern tactical combat.
The system is suitable for person small weapon.



The tactical accessories and parts which follow this system are ergonomic and for tactical operation.
A good utilization of this system is the key to win in such quick changing modern war.