M4 Box Magazine 5000 rounds


$ 44.99 



  • Holds around 5000 BBs
  • Works with most M4 and M16 models


  • A&K M-Series 5000 Airsoft
  • Box Drum Magazine


  • 3000 Round Capacity in Main chamber.
  • 2000 Round Capacity in Spare Loader.
  • Ratchet Wheel Spring Loader.
  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 12oz

The A&K M4 Airsoft Box Magazine for your Airsoft AEG's has a capacity of about 5000 BBs.

It can hold 3000 BBs in the main chamber and 2000 BBs in the spare chamber.

It is compatible with almost all M4 Rifles.

This box magazine is a great way for spray and pray shooting.

The A&K Box Magazine for M4/M16 is a great accessory for skirmishes.

It is by far one of the most affordable box magazines on the market, only a few dollars more than a high capacity magazine.

But, it can take even more BBs than other box magazines with the ability to hold 5000 rounds.

This hand winding box magazine is a great deal and a must buy.

The A&K M-Series Box "Drum" Magazine will fit the Jin Gong M4/M16, A&K M4, D-Boys M4, TM, ICS, G&G, G&P M series AEG.

Will hold around 5000 rounds.