L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


$ 214.97 




••Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle
••Built with full metal except ABS stock
••One Piece Precision Metal Barrel
••Adjustable Hop-up System
••High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
••Effective Long Range Shooting
••Complete Picatinny Mounting Rail Systems


The AGM L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle combines firepower and comfort and delivers unbelievable performance.
The thumbhole stock provides comfort and stability.
The bolt action rifle shoots exceptionally.


For sniper fans, the Type 96 Sniper Rifle delivers equally breath-taking performance (in the airsoft realm) at OVER 450 fps muzzle velocity- allowing you to snipe targets at twice the regular distance of unmodified AEGs.
The magazine of the L96 holds a high capacity (23 rounds).