JG Full Metal AUG A3


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The JG AUG A3 is a fantastic replica of the newest AUG to hit the gun market. The base of the gun is the same as the other AUG models, version 3 gearbox, bullpup design. However everything front of the pistol grip has been revised and updated. The quad rail increases the AUG's potential by ten fold, allowing all sorts of accessories to be attached. The rail system is completely made of metal which helps balances the AUGs weight distribution making it a more balanced gun, easier to shoot. The new AUG A3 is a symbol of the new age of weapons that is to come, don't be left behind!
Manufacturer: JG
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 330 rounds
Package Includes: gun, magazine, battery and charger