JG AUG Military Airsoft Gun


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The JG AUG Military is a bullpup design that gives the gun an overall shorter length but a longer barrel. Like the true AUG the JG features a unique two stage trigger; when the trigger is pulled half way it fires semi-automatic and when it is pulled all the way back it fires full automatic. The vertical grip that is integrated into the AUG has the ability to fold up or down for the users comfort. In addition the AUG Is equipped with sling swivels for the addition of a sling. Atop the AUG Military is a optical sight that gives the user that little extra magnification that many players desire for outdoors.
Manufacturer: JG
Accuracy: 180 feet
Muzzle Velocity: 380 fps
Magazine Capacity: 330 rounds
Battery Pack Size: Small battery
Package Includes: gun, manual, battery, charger