ICS L85 A2


$ 449.99 


1.Instant releasable handguard: By pushing the button on the front side of the handguard, you can instantly release the handguard.

2.Instant releasable upper and lower: The way of disassembling ICS L85A2 is same as the way of disassembling real L85. You can instantly release upper and lower by pulling out two NL (Never-lost) bolts.

3.Patented brand new design of the delayed-action trigger electric brake: The new breakthrough electric brake module is an innovative structure. The electric brake will never burn away. The feeling of triggering is same as it is of real L85. When the trigger reached the position, the electric brake module responses, connects, and electrify.

4.Power is cut when upper and lower are released: Power is cut automatically when upper and lower are released. This new design reduces wires and makes the internal clear. It also reduces the electric current impedance because of fewer wires.

5.Brand new gear box set with adjustable spring strength: The new spring guide at the end of box let players disassemble and replace spring just by one bolt. The most innovative feature of the spring guide is that there are three holes in three different sequences. Players can adjust the spring strength by fixing the spring guide with three different positions in sequence. It’s so easy because you just need to adjust the spring guide with one bolt and you can get three different strengths as you like. The external and internal box is reinforced. ICS uses 7 mm bearing. It is very difficult to break it. ICS also upgrades the gearbox to M120 / 395fps. ICS L85 absolutely is your best choice.

6.Charging handle fixer: You can fix the charging handle at the rear by pulling back charging handle and turn the bolt catch up. You can adjust hop-up when the charging handle is pulled and fixed. The bolt is released when you pull back the charging handle again.

7.HOP-UP adjustment: The new hop-up has crosshead, which makes it easier to adjust with crosshead screwdriver.

8.The steady for barrel The steady precisely position the barrel. The barrel won’t weaver.

9.ICS replicate the production process of real L85. ICS L85 is produced by stamping steel and welding.

Note: (Battery and Charger not Included)