Hakkotsu Hades Airsoft Mortar Launcher


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Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Airsoft Mortar by APS Airsoft

The Hades Arrow is an Airsoft Mortar powered by C02 and Water. The projectiles can fly high in the sky and come down landing. In every package you will receive 1 Launcher, 2 Mortar Projectiles, and 1 C02 Charger.

The Hades Arrow is designed for the extreme film makers and enthusiasts. The unit can travel a distance of 200+ feet and will provide an spectacular visual effect for any Airsoft mil-sim events. However, it is recommended to be used under controlled environment just like baseball or golf, the mortar should not be shot into the crowd or into the direction with helmet-less personnel. As the user of this product, you are solely responsible for operating it in a manner that does not endanger yourself and others or result in damage the product or the property of others. It is advisable to always keep a safe distance in all directions around this product, as the margin will help to avoid collisions or injury.

Package includes:

1 x Launcher

2 x Mortar Projectiles

1 x Co2 Charger

User manual and Protection Cover