GoldenBall 8mm 0.45g 2000 Round bb - White

Airsoft Tulsa and Outdoor Sports

$ 29.99 


GoldenBall 8mm Dimension 0.45 Gram Weight ProSlick Professional Type Seamless True Sphere Airsoft BBS Re-Sealable Bag 2000 Round High Performance Sport Standard Competition Grade AEG - White Goldenball 0.45g BBs offer the performance and operation that you deserve while in a competitive environment. Goldenball has the definitive answer to those seeking professional grade BBs for their 8mm platform. Slightly bigger than their 6mm counterparts, these 8mm BBs only differ in size, the quality and flawlessness you'd expect to find in Goldenball is still intact. Take your 8mm game to the next level with Goldenball! *Note packaging may differ. These 8mm BB's should not be expected to fit inside a platform that is sized around 6mm.