G&G Xtreme 45 C02 Gas Blowback Silver


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G&G Xtreme 45 C02 Gas Blowback Silver

Product Description

The G&G Xtreme 45 is the first gas blowback pistol made by G&G. This pistol has a full metal frame and shoots at a very high FPS. The Xtreme 45 has a built in rail for adding accessories. This is a blowback pistol and the slide shoots back with each shot fired. However, this pistol is different from most blowback pistols because the slide does not actually feed the BBs into the barrel. This makes it more efficient and gives it a higher FPS than most blowback pistols. It uses less CO2 so you can get more shots per CO2 cartridge. Overall this is a high quality pistol that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players alike.


  • 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • 16 round magazine
  • Full metal construction
  • Blow Back
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Integrated RIS rail
  • Adjustable rear sight