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Pro Arms Velocity Reducer
Velocity reducers have been around in airsoft for quite a long time, having been offered by Tokyo Marui for many years. I for one have always discounted them, as the idea of slowing a bb by impact as it is leaving the barrel has always seemed off to me. However, after testing the Pro-Arms velocity reducer, my ideas about this type of product have changed.
What You Get-
The velocity reducer comes packaged in a foil backed zipper pouch, which includes the reducer itself and a number of different tensioning rings. The reducer itself is machined from aluminum alloy, and painted a nicely textured black color.
The velocity reducer operates by replacing the flash hider on a replica, and pushing the bb through a wiper, whose tension can be adjusted by using rings of differing thicknesses- the thicker the ring, the more velocity reduction desired.
After getting a baseline reading on a highly upgraded Tokyo Marui M14 ( 375 FPS w/ Airsoft Elite .25g and ~ 5fps variance over 5 shots) I screwed the velocity reducer ( white tension ring installed) onto the replica and chronoed it again. This time, the chrono showed 290fps- the reducer certainly works as advertised in this respect. Readings with included tension rings where as follows:
White- 290 Blue- 330 Red- 360 Orange- 370 (FPS may very with higher or lower FPS guns)
The Verdict-
If you want to play the occasional close quarters game without having to tear apart your gearbox and change out the spring, this is for you. It is small, nicely made out of high quality aluminum, and works as advertised.
If your gun is an M4 ak-47 or any other common type airsoft gun you will need a negative threading ruducer. If any other type gun you can call our customer service for proper threading information.