Cyma AK-74S Full Metal AEG Rifle BLACK


$ 264.98 


Rifle specifications:

•Electric Automatic Firing
•Modes: Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
•Muzzle Velocity: 380-410 FPS with 0.20g BBs
•Magazine: 600-round high capacity (gear wind-up)
•Gearbox: Full metal
•Stock: Folding Metal rear stock
•Hop-up: Adjustable
•Weight: 8 pounds
•Ammo type: 0.20 gram seamless bbs

Package includes:
Rechargeable stick battery
•Wall charger
•Instruction manual
•600-round high capacity magazine
•pack of bbs
(Note: This Airsoft Rifle does not come with scope or rail mount.)

The ALL NEW AK-74S Tactical is modeled after the look of the Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces AK-74.
This AK-74S is a hard-hitting accurate AEG that easily hits targets at more than 100 feet away.
The extremely sturdy Full Metal and impact resistant polymer construction makes this one of the highest quality AK-74 rifles on the market!
This AK-74S package is completely field ready, it includes all necessary components and accessories to use the rifle right out of the box.
The AK-74S comes with a tactical folding stock which shortens the overall length making this rifle perfect for CQB environments.
Custom AK-74S Tactical Assault
Package Includes:

 AK-74S Black AEG Rifle.
410 FPS!
V3 KALASH AK-74S Full Metal AEG Rifle BLACK SLR The KALASH/ Full Metal AK-74S AEG rifle with a metal body (stamped steel receiver) and a full metal gearbox delivers true value with high power to go along with it.


Full metal folding stock makes this AK extremely versatile in any condition, be it outdoor or CQB.
Its metal gearbox allows it to shoot at close to 410 FPS with ease.
Accuracy is great because of its convenient and easy to use adjustable sights.
Included is a 600 round hi-cap AK47 magazine, which means that you'll be ready to fire away with lots of ammunition under your belt. It's a great gun for the money, and even better if you prefer the raw power of AK47 rifles.


•Much more powerful and accurate than Marui, TWICE the GUN for HALF the price.
•Marui AKs have fake wood and plastic bodies, this AK74S has a FULL METAL BODY and Impact Resistant Polymer Grips.
•Same features as a VFC AK74, but at less than HALF the price.
•SERIALIZED Stamped STEEL receiver/gun body plus FULL METAL receiver cover
•ADJUSTABLE HOP UP UNIT located behind sliding cocking bolt on right hand side
•Full metal barrel assembly, full metal barrel
•Full metal flash hider, full metal front sight
•EXTREMELY REALISTIC; weighs in at about 3400 grams or roughly 8 pounds
•GENUINE Tactical LOOK replica with high quality Polymer grips and a Full Metal rear folding stock.
•There is an integrated side mount for attaching a scope rail on the receiver which accomodates all AK-specific optics/accessories
•Comes with 600-round hi-capacity magazine
•Full metal locking folding rear stock for enhanced field versatility.
•Have the stock in extended position for great comfort while playing on the field, where many shots are long range shots.
•Once you get indoors onto a CQB field, simply fold the stock to the left side of the body and Lock it in place.