Ar 15 multi tool


$ 29.99 


Customers interested in doing "One Stop Shopping" have asked us to manufacture or carry an AR-15 Multi Tool. Instead of re-creating the wheel we decided to carry a solid one with multi functions at a competitive price. This tool is essential to have in your kit to perform important maintenance functions or if you are building up or modifying an AR. The AR 15 Multi Tool can be used to install or remove: free float tubes and peg-style barrel nuts, standard barrel nuts, carbine stocks, old and new style castle nuts, compensators, extension tubes and buttstock screws. Special features include 5⁄8" and "wrench slots", a square hole for socket extensions or a torque wrench, plus a screwdriver tip for the buttstock screw. Manufactured from steel and powder coated with a non-slip finish, this multi tool will provides years of quality service.