Dboys M4 CQB-R W/R.I.S. Full Metal (Short)


$ 264.98 


Operation: Electric Automatic
Body: Full Metal Receiver, Stock Bar, Barrel, Pistol Grip
Firing Modes: Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
Muzzle Velocity: 350-370 FPS
Magazine: 300-round high capacity (gear wind-up)
Gearbox: Full metal
Hop-up: Adjustable Weight: 8 pounds


The DBoys M4 CQB-R with a full metal body (full metal receiver, barrel, stock bar, and pistol grip) and a full metal gearbox is a value-minded, high-performance AEG.
It is one of the best choices for an AEG because of its lack of compromise between realism and power. With a full metal body and realistic weight, as well as a full metal gearbox that shoots hard, it is one of the best deals around for a full metal M4 CQB-R.


The tactical metal rail system (RIS) features durable laser-etching that numerically separates each rail from the next for precision accessory mounting/placement.
Because of a factory-installed performance tight bore barrel, the CQB-R is much more accurate than what most players will give it credit for at first glance.


With a shorter barrel for a tighter, more compact build, M4 CQBs are generally regarded as not being as accurate as their full-barreled counterparts;
this generalization seems to be non-applicable to the all-new DBoys M4 CQB-R however, as the performance metal barrel has done wonders for both its power AND accuracy.


With an ultra high-torque motor installed directly from the manufacturer, this airsoft rifle cranks out over 800 rounds per minute on full auto mode, and is sure to impress in the performance department.
This completely overhauled model features a reinforced full metal gearbox, which keeps its 7mm bearings but features new high-strength polymer-composite bushings for maximum performance!


The full metal barrel has also been improved for maximum shooting accuracy and power.
* A durable ABS-composite tactical foregrip is INCLUDED with the package, free of charge from the manufacturer. This is a $20-value that is included with this rifle's package.