AEG Electric P90 Assault Rifle


$ 79.99 




•Electric Powered
•Plastic Construction
•Full Rear Stock
•Integrated Rail System
•400 RD High Capacity Magazine
•Battery Included




•AEG Electric P90 Assault Rifle PDW Airsoft Gun
•400 Round Magazine
•Rechargeable Batteries
•100 Free BBs
•Safety Goggles




•FPS: 200 (With .12g BBs)
•Magazine Capacity: 400 RDs
•Size: 21 Inches


Introducing the Electric P90 Assault Rifle PDW Airsoft Gun.
If you're looking for a good CQB airsoft gun then this is the gun to get!
The P90 Assault Rifle PDW is the tactical/CQB version of the P90 gun, giving you increased accuracy.


With fire power of 200 FPS and a 400 round magazine this gun is the perfect firearm for any soldier!
This fantastic airsoft gun is made out of plastic and metal parts, so it feel solid and weighty in your hands.
Able to fire in both semi and full automatic, you can pick and choose your shots wisely or go in guns blazing.
The compact size and high rate of fire makes the P90 Assault Rifle perfect for close encounters.


This AEG also features an integrated rail system which will allow you to add on your favorite accessories like a Flashlight, Red Dot Scope or Laser!
A serious gun for the serious airsoft player.
Get the Electric P90 Assault Rifle PDW Airsoft Gun and win every battle with ease!