ICS M3 Grease Gun


$ 264.98 



•Manufacturer: ICS
•Model: M3 (Grease Gun)
•Muzzle Velocity: ~330 FPS
•Magazine Capacity: 430 rounds
•Color: Black

Package Includes:

•(Battery and Charger not Included)


•8mm Metal Bushings and Steel Gears
•Steel Retractable Stock Full Metal Upper Receiver
(Please Note: Product does NOT include a Battery or Charger)


ICS has been developing cutting edge, top of the line products for the airsoft market for years, and the M3 is the latest addition to their incredible lineup.
The ICS M3 (Grease Gun) Submachine Airsoft Gun is easily the most player-friendly M3 replica on the airsoft market.
It is lightweight, easily maneuverable, and very reliable.
It features an extremely realistic construction with its full metal upper receiver, along with a 2 position retractable wire stock, an 8mm metal gearbox, and 430 round high capacity magazine, all matched up perfectly to give this WWII-style airsoft gun a great competitive edge.
Because the battery is stored in the back of the body, rather than in the magazine, the player no longer has to worry about having an extra battery for each magazine, or having to switch the battery over every time they need to reload.