Classic Army LWRC


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•Unique Dark Bronze Upper & Lower Receiver
•Durable Full Metal Construction
•Fully Licensed LWRC Trademarks
•Aluminum Bearing Piston Head
•Super Torque Up Gear Set
•Advanced Electric Blowback System
•High Torque Motor
•Durable Metal Spring Guide
•Unique Classic Army Full Metal Hop-up Chamber
•Advanced Power Spring
•Tactical Magpul PTS MOE Stock
•Tactical Magpul PTS MOE Motor Grip
•8mm Metal Bearing Gearbox
•Adjustable and Removable Front and Rear Battle Sights
•Steel Flash Hider
•CNC Free Float Rail System
•Li-PO ready
(Note: Battery & charger are not included.)
Airsoft Tulsa recommends using a buffer tube Li-PO battery and a battery smart charger to maximize rifle performance!

Other Special Features:

•Muzzle velocity: 390-420 FPS with 0.20g BBs
•Rate of fire: 800-850 rounds per minute
•Magazine capacity: 300rd hi-cap mag

Package includes:

•CA LWRC M6A2 AEG rifle
•300rd hi-cap magazine
•Ammo type: Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.
For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Tulsa recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Tulsa for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

The LWRC fully-licensed full metal M6 PSD AEG Carbine, by Classic Army, is the new gold standard for compact, hard hitting CQB AEGs!
Firing over 410 FPS consistently straight out of the box, and featuring some of the most durable, uniquely colored dark bronze full metal construction available for airsoft, this Classic Army fully licensed LWRC M6 PSD (Personal Security Detail) AEG is ready for any airsoft scenario.
The LWRC line of Classic Army AEGs are some of the most sought after airsoft guns by both collectors and MilSim airsoft players!
The LWRC M6 PSD AEG is compact enough to maneuver in any environment, and fires more accurately than many AEGs over twice its entire length!
Renowned in the airsoft community for their superior airsoft AEGs, Classic Army has raised the bar again with these impeccably crafted, and top tier performing LWRC trademarked M6 PSD AEGs!
Externals: Constructed entirely from premium strength dark bronze metal, the LWRC M6 PSD features a compact and battle ready railed hand guard, which seamlessly connects with the top rail on the upper receiver.
The compact size of the LWRC PSD AEG is perfect for close quarters combat, measuring 25"in. when retracted.
The upper and lower receivers feature authentic LWRC Industries trademarks, as well as a unique serial number and UID stamp.
Classic Army has included some of the best Magpul PTS components for an even more ergonomic feel, and unmatched look.
The ergonomic Magpul MOE pistol grip is very comfortable, and features a non-slip stippled textured grip.
Also included is the advanced tactical Magpul PTS MOE stock, providing a slim profile to the compact CQB AEG.
The retractable Magpul PTS MOE stock also provides excellent cheek support, for those long distance targets.
The battery space for the LWRC M6 PSD is located inside the buffer tube, and can be easily accessed by sliding off the stock.
Staying faithful to the real steel LWRC M6 PSD Compact CQB Carbine, Classic Army installed a mock gas piston above the free float outer barrel and added 6.8mm SPC caliber markings on the upper receiver.
Also included with the M6 PSD AEG are flip-up front and rear battle sights, which are adjustable and removable.
To further heighten the realism of this AEG, Classic Army installed a locking mock bolt which slams home when the bolt release is pressed.
Unlike many other free float rail system, the Classic Army LWRC M6 PSD's rail system is rock solid with zero excess movement.
Another nice feature is the included steel flash hider, which adds to the overall solid construction of this AEG.
If you are looking for an airsoft gun that will last for years and has superior performance, the Classic Army LWRC M6 PSD CQB Carbine AEG is the airsoft gun for you!
Internals: The internal construction of the Classic Army LWRC PSD perfectly matches its rugged exterior, with a reinforced full metal gearbox, and full metal hop-up unit.
Classic Army's proprietary electric blowback system provides a slight recoil, as well as a loud report after each shot.
This blowback feature truly adds to the overall realism of the LWRC M6 PSD CQB Carbine AEG.
The AEG cycles cleanly and smoothly, and has a tremendous rate of fire given how fast it fires.
Even though these Classic Army LWRC carbines feature short barrels, they are extremely accurate thanks to Classic Army's unique full metal hop-up and precision inner barrel.
Overall, the Classic Army LWRC M6 PSD is one of the highest performing and most combat effective CQB AEGs available on the market!
The Classic Army LWRC series of AEGs sets the bar of what can be considered a "top tier" airsoft AEG.