AR-15 90 Round Drum Magazine with Speed Loader


$ 299.99 


The MWG 90 Rounder for the AR-15 comes with Speed Loader

Speed Loader valued at $50.00 will come with our AR 90 Round Drum Mag Free!!

High Capacity Magazine

The MWG 90 Rounder high capacity magazine for the AR-15 provides you with the finest in state-of-the-art high capacity magazine design. The 90 Rounder's innovative snail-drum design and advanced space-age materials are combined to create a very light, completely reliable, low maintenance, high capacity magazine that will withstand a level of heavy field use that would destroy a metal magazine, while weighing 33% less.

The 90 Rounder for the AR-15 is designed for 5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington ammunition.

The 90 Rounder for the AR-15 is designed to be close to maintenance free. Never remove the silver-gray Teflon lubricant powder. Never Use any oil-based lubricant. Never disassemble MWG products, and never disassemble the 90 Rounder for the AR-15 .

The 90 Rounder for the Mini 14 contains small parts & springs that may cause injury if improperly released. If repairs are required, return the magazine to MWG Company for repair. Any disassembly, alteration, re-adjustment, improper installation, or misuse of any MWG product voids all warranties.

Never attempt to load the 90 Rounder into the weapon or detach the 90 Rounder for the AR-15 from the weapon, with a cartridge in the chamber. Always lock the bolt back first and visually ensure the chamber is empty.

Because of its unique design, the 90 Rounder for the AR-15 can be left partially loaded for an extended period of time, but never store the 90 Rounder with more than 80 rounds loaded. Leaving the 90 Rounder for the stored with more than 80 rounds loaded may damage the springs and cause the weapon to malfunction. Never attempt to load more than 90 rounds. Loading more than 90 rounds may damage the magazine.

Always avoid lethal situations whenever possible. High capacity magazines such as the 90 Rounder for the Mini 14 are intended to eliminate re-loading downtime for persons in unavoidable potentially lethal situations, but no product can fully protect the user from injury or death in a firefight. The knowing use of MWG products, when a potentially lethal situation could be avoided, will constitute an assumption of the known risks of engaging in a lethal situation.

The 90 Rounder for the AR-15 must generate energy to reliably feed ammunition into the receiver at a consistent rate. As the magazine grows full, more energy must be exerted to load additional rounds. This energy is stored in a special spring & released to move the entire ammunition load during firing. It takes a lot of energy to reliably move 90 rounds of ammunition, and so it takes a lot of energy to load those same rounds. As the magazine nears capacity, the final rounds may require substantial energy to load.

Specifications Magazine:
5.56 mm (.223 Rem) 90 Rds

Empty------1.25 Lbs.
Loaded-----3.60 lbs.

7.75" (Only 3/4" longer that the standard 30 Rd. Magazine)

We will not ship magazines that are restricted in your state.
California (over 10 rounds)
Hawaii (over 10 rounds)
Massachusetts (over 10 rounds)
New Jersey (over 15 rounds)
New York (over 10 rounds)
Maryland (over 20 rounds)
Aurora, IL (over 15 rounds)
Chicago, IL (over 12 rounds)
New York City, NY(all magazines)
South Bend, IN (over 15 rounds)